Cherished possessions

What do you cherish most in life? A simple question with a simple answer you would think, but if we were to say that you are not allowed to choose your family or friends, now what would it be?

It’s interesting what people keep close to them in life. The toy’s I had as a child are still in their multicoloured boxes waiting to see the light of day again. The guitars I have tried to learn from are still waiting for the next strum and my first games console gathers dust under the bed.

Wrestling figures from the 1990's

What can we do with the possessions we care about so much?  Do we hand them down to the next generation, cringing every time you see your favourite toy fly across the room with a scream. Keep them boxed and forget about them will be the most used answer. There are other options though, retro gaming is very much “in” at the moment, with many people making the coffee table that does nothing into the ultimate games hub. Another option (you won’t be surprised to hear from us) is to frame them, it doesn’t have to be flat to frame it.

So tell us, what cherished possession would you have framed?

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Gareth – Inner Frame

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