Proud Americans

We at Inner Frame are no stranger to America, having visited a number of times to several states it has been clear that one thing America is, is proud. They are proud of their lifestyles, their state, their city but what we discovered is that they are mostly proud of their history. It is the red, white and blue of old glory that shines out the most but head into various parts of the country and the colours of other flags soon start to show and the family history is revealed.

The American Celtic and English connection is a well known story, whichever one you choose to believe, was the country discovered by an Italian working with the British? Or was Prince Madoc the first British person among the shores of Alabama after setting sail from Rhos-On-Sea? Indeed Norse man Leif Ericson can lay claim, even the Chinese and now the Spanish can all lay claim, but it is not hard to find a little bit of English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh in America.


We have come up with a way to display your family heritage, designed and crafted in beautiful North Wales in the shadows of the spectacular Snowdonia mountain range and a stones throw away from Prince Madocs sailing point, we use locally sourced materials bringing a little piece of home into yours.

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