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Have you ever gone into an  office only to be seated in a dull waiting room? Have you been to a dentist or a doctor’s office and been horrified by the posters that cover the cracks in the wall from the latest childs toy throwing tantrum? These lifeless walls are crying out for attention, and it is easy to accomplish while giving your business a chance to be creative.

Llandudno Pier

The perfect blank canvas of your office could be used in many ways, so we have come up with The Framers Five, which is 5 tips to get the best out of this space.

1. Photos of past achievements – The completed project or famous customer approach will give your visitors a guide to what has been achieved already.

2. The landscape image – For the ones who have a favourite place they have visited, or want to show the style the company has. One great example of this is the waiting room of Lord Sugar in the hit BBC Show The Apprentice.

3. Art – Yes art is a tricky subject as there is no wrong and there is no right in this format as it comes down to the owners taste. Keep with in the company image and let your artist side out with modern or retro art pieces.

4. Typography – This modern take on a retro art past time is now taking off with everyone. Create unique canvases with a company image and your slogan to really impress your customer.

5. The block computer – The more expensive but guaranteed to get the attention of the customers is the information screen. The digital age is upon so why not get the best out of it by having the success and recent news stories on a constant loop.

What do you have on your walls?

Until next time

Gareth – Inner Frame

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